Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber Cement Siding is composed of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber that has been cured with pressurized steam (autoclave) to increase strength and dimensional stability. Fiber cement products provide design flexibility on a variety of applications and require very little maintenance once installed. It is highly durable, long lasting product, resistant to impact, water and termite. It is non combustible material hence widely used in fire prone areas. Fiber-cement siding also stands out with its affordable cost and very low maintenance.

Affordable Housing Group provides fiber cement siding products in a variety of textures giving the look of wood, brick or stone. Company prefers to use fiber cement products with higher percentage of post-consumer recycled content (i.e. 50% recycled content in the form of fly ash as a substitute alternative for portland cement). Durability of the fiber-cement  brings green points to this building material, as well.



Stucco Application

The stucco is a plaster type material that is a mix of sand, portland cement, lime and water. Pigment may be also mixed in, or stucco can be painted. It is usually applied over a base of wire mesh, wooden-slat spacers, building paper, and OSB or plywood sheathing. The mesh material allows the stucco to go into the openings and adhere well to become stronger. Thin coats have to be applied, and a day or two must be left between coat applications to let the previous layer to dry. There are several different techniques of applying stucco. Affordable Housing Group choose you the one that is affordable.

A stucco wall finish is quite heavy, hence it needs to be planned accordingly when framing and building the house. On the other hand it makes a very good exterior wall finish. It can be completed with a variety of textures: smooth, raked, or swirled. Stucco performs well in a variety of climatic conditions since it is thick enough that repelling the heat from getting in and cool air from getting out, and opposite in the winter.