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Work Platform

29” wide, 6 ft long, 6 ft tall, and ¾” plywood platform. 5” swivel double locking casters foot brake locking both the swivel & the wheel. For one level home construction, need only 2 units. For ground + 1 floor, need 3 ea. Can be stacked up to 3 units when outriggers are used. Outriggers are required for use of 2 towers or more. For buildings with more than one level you must have outriggers. If not available locally, we recommend minimum of four platforms, and enough outriggers for each stack-up.

Recommended at least 2 sets per single house project.

Step Ladder

Orange 6200 Series Fiberglass Step Ladder offers a 300 lbs load capacity. Type IA Duty Rating. This ladder offers a Tool-Tray-Top with drill holster and convenient tray for tools. Four rivets attach top to front rail. Back up plates reinforce all top connectors. Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot. All steps and two rear horizontals are knee-braced. Double riveted, slip-resistant Traction-Tred steps. Heavy duty pinch proof internal spreaders. EDGE molded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage. Every rivet is backed up by metal part or washers to protect side rails. Shoe pads riveted to EDGE structure. An optional pail shelf is available.

Recommended 1 per project site.

Ladder Mitts

 Soft rubber fits on top of ladder rails. Prevents damage to surface.

Recommended a set per each ladder used at the job site.

Ladder Jacks

Help create high position scaffoldings for window installations, trim installations, electrical work.

Recommended at least 2 sets per single house project.

Locking C-Clamp

Locks work with the squeeze of one hand. High grade alloy steel is heat treated for maximum toughness and durability. It allows the installers to clamp steel connections tightly together to attain exact positioning before final fastening.

Recommend minimum 2 per installer. Recommend minimum 14 per 2000 sq ft project.

Carpenter's Pencil

Pencil with a rectangular or elliptical cross-section to stop it from rolling and blowing away.

Recommended 10 ea. per single house project.

100 feet/33 Meters Measuring Tape

Stanley 100 Ft. x 3/8”. Yellow Steel Heavy-duty Tape. Measuring tape that has both meters and inches.

Recommended 1 per project.

26 feet/8 Meters Measuring Tape

Measuring tape that has both meters and inches. It comes with blade protection.

Recommended 1 per installer

Magnetic Levels

 Heavy gauge I-beam, 6 Impact resistant vials and vial covers for durability and long life. End caps help protect tool against drops and shocks. Fixed vials are hand set to each working edge. Ideal for the steel framing erection work. Magnetic edge attaches to steel member leaving both hands free to continue work. 48” or 24” length.

Recommended 2 per project. For smaller spaces recommended 1 per project.

Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker

This contractor quality hammer tacker is great for fast installation of carpet, roofing materials and insulation. A full rubber grip helps absorb shock and vibrations, thus protecting your hand. Heavy duty steel construction.

Recommended 2 ea per project.

Staples for Hammer Tacker

Comes in boxes of 1250 staplers.

Recommended 5 boxes to start.

Heavy Duty Tool Belt (Leather or Suede)

This tool is sized for carrying a substantial quantity of fasteners and most of the hand tools you would need for a day's work. Designed for framers, it has some of the largest pockets found on any of these products hanging from its 3-in.-wide belt.

Recommended 1 per installer.

Aviation Snip Sets 

Set includes one left cut, one right cut, and one straight cut compound leverage snip. Will cut 18 gauge cold rolled steel and 22 gauge stainless steel.

Recommended 2 sets per single house project.

Curved vice grip

 Recommended 1 ea per installer.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Recommended 1 ea per team.

Steel Spring Clamp

Recommended 8 per 2000 sq ft project.

Utility Knife with Extra Blades

Recommended 4 per installer.


Recommended 1 ea. per 2 installer team.

Adjustable Pliers

Recommended 1 per 2 installer team.

Dripless Caulk Gun

Recommended 4 per single house project.

Screw Driver Set

Flat and + Head Points

Recommended a set per 3 teams.

Speed Square

Ideal for use with all projects and steel framing work. 1/4" spaced notches to facilitate scribing lines.

Recommended 1 for every 2 installer team.

Drywall Square

4ft long to cut sheetrock panels.

Recommended 1 per project.

Sheetrock Lift

Used in ceiling work to lift sheetrock to ceiling.

Recommended 1 per project.

Black Felt Point Markers

An average 2000 sq ft steel framing will use about 12 to 20 black felt markers for marking placement of occasional cut lines.

Recommended at least 1 box of 12 per project.

Chalk and Reel

100 feet/33 meters long. Used for making straight lines on the concrete slab.

Recommended 1 red and 1 blue chalk powder per project.

First Aid Kit

Professional kit is required.

Work Gloves

Leather palm gloves. Help grip construction safely.

Recommended 1 per installer.

Safety Glasses:

Acrylic safe glasses. Helps prevent eye injuries while using power tools.

Recommended 1 per installer.

Twisted Mason Line - Yellow

Recommended 2 rolls per project.

Twisted Poly Rope:

1/2" X 50 ft

Recommended 2 per project.


Water displacing spray

Recommended 1 can per project.

Wonder Bar:

For special adjustments.

Recommended 1 per project.

Sledge Hammers - Large & Small

Recommended 2 ea. per project.