Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle roofing is currently representing about 80% of the roofing market in USA.  There are various reasons that make asphalt shingles the most popular type of residential roofing. They are probably the most cost-effective solution for roofing and fairly simple to install.

Two kinds of asphalt shingles are available in the market as fiberglass shingles and organic-mat shingles. Fiberglass shingles use a fiberglass reinforcing mat, whereas organic shingles have a cellulose-fiber mat saturated with soft asphalt. Both types are coated with harder asphalt that contains mineral fillers, for protection.

Fiberglass shingles make up most of the asphalt shingle market which may be attributed to the fact that they are less expensive and easier to manufacture and work with. As compared to the organic ones, fiberglass shingles known to be thinner and lighter, with a better fire rating.


On the other hand, asphalts shingles are not considered as the greenest product in the market. It requires high amount of energy to manufacture and most of the time used shingles end up in landfills, despite the great recycling potential. Selecting an asphalt shingle product with a higher year rating and recycled content,can contribute to a more environmental friendly design. Affordable Housing Group provides durable fiberglass shingles with a significant percentage of recycled content. The shingles perform well in all climate conditions and they are available in variety of colors and styles to match different facade and landscapes.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roof is composed of interlocking panels that run vertically on the roof deck. The interlocking seams allow water to run off and prevent leakage between panels. Aluminum, steel and copper are the most commonly used metals to form these panels. Standing seam metal roof has many benefits resulting in a dramatic increase in popularity among the homeowners and builders, in the last few decades. Metal roofing is durable, lightweight and has the highest life-time.

Standing seam metal roof can last for the life of the building and it is fire-resistant. It requires minimum maintenance and can be built over many existing roofing materials. Standing seam metal roofing deserves green points for its environmental benefits. It reflects heat radiation from the sun contributing to the energy efficiency of the building. It is totally recyclable and its recycling rate is the highest of any construction material.


Initial costs of metal roofing can be relatively higher than the conventional options; however it compensates the initial cost over the life cycle of the roof because of its superior durability and longevity

Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Technology has brought many different styles and colors to the metal roofing like stone coated metal roofs, which are primarily made from galvanized or the aluminum/zinc alloy coated steel (zincalume steel) panels. These panels are coated with a granulated stone finish that offer nice looks closely resembling the shake, shingle, tile or slate.

Stone Coated Metal Roofing is designed to be a durable, maintenance-free, long term roofing solution with highest fire and impact resistance ratings available. It offers all the benefits of the metal roofing with unsurpassed esthetics. As can be predicted, typical prices are relatively higher then the other types of metal roofing.

Sustainability, recycled content, recyclability, low weight, and energy efficiency allow stone coated metal roofing to be included on listings for green construction materials.