Windows are among the key elements of insulation, since they are one of the biggest contributors to heat loss from buildings. Selecting an energy efficient window can reduce the energy bills in significant amounts, while helping protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Affordable Housing Group provides energy efficient double pane vinyl windows in a variety of shapes and styles. These windows are made from two panes of glass with air or gas-filled space in the middle. They offer much better heat insulation than a single pane, as well as increased impact resistance and sound insulation. Low-E glass technology is used in windows which keeps heat inside in winter and outside in summer by reflecting the infrared light.

Windows with standard dimensions are the most economical options available, however custom made windows can be also done as per customer request. Click here to see the standard sizes of our most affordable windows. 

We provide different window types demonstrated below.

Picture window is a stationary window and can not be opened. It allows light to enter, where ventilation is not a concern.


Slider window is a horizontally opening window with single or double-sliding sashes that makes possible to adjust the size of the ventilation area.


Hung window is a vertically opening window with one or two sashes move up and down within the frame.